New year here we come!

Happy new year to everyone!

This year will be an interesting one, and I m looking forward to it. It has started off will a ‘Mild” case of the flu for me, and lots of heavy rain.

So, I have spent some time with my new book.

“Making it Happen”  By Carl Hester.

It is his autobiography, it is very candid, very funny, and I know that it has a good ending…so far.I expect there to be a follow on in many years to come!

It is inspirational reading for anyone involved with horses. For me especially, it captures some of the “horse world” that I grew up with and puts character to the people that I idolized while I was taking my first steps into equestrianism.

It is also good to hear some of the “tales” surrounding Donnersong, and some of it echos the “issues”  I have had to overcome with Storm.

A very good read.


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