On the passing of N

I recently made the hard decision to have my long term partner, N, euthanized.

When I looked at him the week before, I realized that my vibrant, exciting, “in your face” horse had gone. What I show in the paddock, was an elderly, sore, unhappy old man, he was having trouble eating, and moving around, even with the bute he was on. He had stopped neighing when I opened the back gate to go to the barn, when being led, his head was low, and he was getting unsteady on his feet. Previous to this, we had him checked out, had his teeth floated, and a general checkup, there was nothing extraordinary wrong with him physically, but the glint of mischief, and love of life was gone.

He had Cushing, which was a big factor in his general well-being.

I called the vet the following day, and the arrangements were made.

I am glad I chose the date and means for N’s passing, it was the final act of kindness I could offer my old friend, who has been with me for the last 16 years.

He was originally bred in the Netherlands, and was imported to the UK by a dealer that produced show jumpers. He was a big horse, so he thought he would be able to jump… N ran away from poles rather than over them. So, he came to me to have a go dressage.   He then came to Canada with us, where he was shocked at the snow in Calgary, and decide to grow a somewhat warmer coat!

He would always let everyone know that he had “arrived”, but was always happier in human company than with his own kind. He was a very vocal horse, especially around feed time!

He was not perfect, and I was often the only one that would handle him, but under saddle, he was a gentleman.

He is greatly missed by myself and my family, and of course by Storm and Daisy.