On being bigger, and being able to enjoy my horse.

So, a couple of things that have been mulling around in my head…
I am not a “small” person. I am quite tall and have shoulders that are wider than most, and I have curves….perhaps not all in the correct place right now, but I am working on it.
I am also, like most equestrians, strong. I have a large muscle percentage and I do not fit in the normal range for clothing. To be honest, this is a general thing, and not just related to “equestrian clothes”. (I not even going to the long boot place today…)
Now, I appreciate that there are companies out there that are making equestrian clothes for the more “curvy” rider, I am not just not sure I enjoy being singled out because I am built a bit like an “Amazon”.
And when they do have the “full” size stuff, it tends to be shaped like a tent. Tents do not look great when riding, especially when competing. And I am not sure my horse would appreciate it either!!

Big does not always equate to “tent shaped”. We need the same clothes as everyone else, just in a cut that does not cut off our circulation!

My horse,Keane, who is a Percheron cross, is really good fun, and he is great to take out and show. But something odd has happened. I have had a number of my fellow competitors stop and say what a cute horse he is, and he seems like lots of fun to ride.
Which confused me….. are their horse not fun to ride?
Looking around the collecting ring… it became clear, no, no they are not. This is an issue that we are seeing more and more. We are buying horses that we are not ready to ride. The following saying comes to mind.
“Most do not need a $50,000 dollar horse, but need a $1000 dollar horse and $40,000 dollars worth of lessons.”
Sometimes, we need to be realistic. We need to determine what we want to get out of our riding and buy the horse we need, not always the one we want.