Why choose us?

Why would you choose Jane as a coach for you and your horse?

These are some reasons why…

1) I am certified with Equine Canada. I have proved I can ride to a required standard, and have shown an in-depth knowledge of horsemanship, and coaching skills.
2) I am current, this means I have all my credentials in place and I have my own insurance, and first aid certification

3) I have been there and done that.. I have competition experience in most English disciplines, and have worked with most types of horses

4) I have excellent problem solving skills. In my “other life”, I need to be able to think on my feet and solve problems fast, this also applies to my “equine” life.

5) I have a “good eye”. Many have told me that I have an ability to see the details of the horse and rider that many others may miss. (Again, I need to be very detail orientated for my “other life”)

6) Empathy! A coach needs to be able to comprehend and relate to their students, so that everyone gets the best out of the relationship

7) I listen and work towards your goals, my goal is to help you reach yours!

8) I enjoy coaching!!


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