Covid-19 Lesson Protocols

Before coming for you lesson:

Fill out the new forms:

If you cannot print out, I will have copies here, but please make sure you have read and understood them.

Make sure that you are not sick.

  • If you are sick, please let me know and do not come for your lesson
  • Anyone showing signs of covid like symptoms will be asked to leave.

If anyone you have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19, please do not attend your lesson and follow the guidelines set out by Health BC.

On Arrival:

Only student and one “helper” please

Sanitize hands and put on clean riding gloves. Sanitizer will be provided.

Remember: Social distancing must be applied at all times

Horse Time!

Horse will be tied up and ready for you to groom. If possible, please bring your own basic grooming kit. If that is not possible, wipes will be available for brushes etc as needed. 

A simple grooming kit should consist of:

  • Hoof pick
  • Rubber curry comb
  • Dandy brush
  • Body brush
  • Other items, like mane/tail brush are optional

Places like greenhawk will sell this as a package.

Please tack up your horse, if you are not sure, then, please let me know and I will tack up for you, please give me space to do so. I will wipe down tack once the horse is ready for you. 

The lesson will commence as normal. Times when social distancing cannot be followed, masks will be required, ThIs will normally only be during mounting and tack check.  

At the end of the lesson, we will follow the same type of procedure. Please untack and groom off your horse and I will then turn them out.