Diesel – An introduction into horse ownership

Diesel was my first horse, and I expect for many, she would have been their last. She did not trust any one any more, she would get you before you had the chance to get her. She had lovely movement, and a smooth effortless jump, which you could often see as she galloped away from you, quite often into a neighbors paddock.

She¬†used to be difficult to catch and she had very little trust of people. I would wait till she was ready, and allowed her to come to me, I would give her a treat and if she stayed I was ‘allowed’ to put on her halter and take her in. If she walked off again, I would have to wait. The time it took me to bring her in would general be only a few minutes but it took a while to get to this point. I remember someone ‘trying’ to help me at one point, they ended up chasing her… It did not end well.
She taught me that patience and remaining calm are the two key elements to working with horses.